Implementation Process

What does the implementation of the epoq services look like? 

  1. Provide the product feed in order to start the tracking plan.

  2. Integrate (copy/paste) the tracking script so we can start learning for the knowledge base.

  3. Share the designs for the services.

The product feed is essential for the implementation of the services. Without the product feed, epoq cannot start the process.


Is the Product Training done during the implementation process or after?

The customer training will be provided when appropriate. Since each service has its own capabilities and functions, training will be conducted around the date each service goes live. The CSM is responsible for the training.


How long does it take to implement / set up the services on my website? And what dev ressources do I need ?

You should realistically allow at least 6-8 weeks to implement the search and 4-6 weeks for the recommendations. The development resources on the client side are small, as only the divs need to be built in. But we also need the design specifications.

Of course, depending on the requirements, the schedule may change.


What is the minimum number of products the customer should have in the catalog to implement the recommendations?

The number depends on the industry and the products. But usually there should be a few hundred products in the shop. Better 1,000+

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