Handling product data in the product catalog

How to specify multiple categories

If you want to write multiple values in one field, e.g. in the field "category", you can separate the individual categories with a separate separator. We recommend to use "pipe" as a separator.


The product "pillows" can be found in the category "home>textiles" and in the category "bedding". You can fill the field in the catalog as follows :



Hierarchy of categories

The categories are mostly hierarchical. This hierarchy should be shown in the catalog, preferably with the ">" sign.




How to hand over main products and variants

If you maintain main products and variants in your product range, they should be handed over accordingly.

We recommend the following :

  • If there are size and color variants of a product, each color version should be available as a separate product in the catalog export. This product should contain a reference to the main product (variantOf=<main productId>) and show the available sizes: "Size:Available number:Price#Size:Available number:Price#Size:Available number:Price#Size:Available number:Price". If a size was available, but the stock is at 0, it should be exported as well.
  • If a main product contains all sizes and colors (only one product ID), it is unfortunately not possible for us to limit the recommendations or search results to sizes and/or colors, as we cannot distinguish which size or color a visitor is looking at.


How to transfer the availability of individual sizes

If you would like to provide us with the availability of each item size individually (e.g. in order to make optimum use of the "size" filter in epoq Search), you can use the "sizes_Info" field:

XML tag CSV column Declaration Example
e:sizes_Info sizesInfo Size # quantity # original price # price # linkID # special price (e.g. customer price) separated with "|". 27-32#3#89.95#89.95#http://shop/27-32.html#5|29-32#2#89.95#89.95#http://shop/29-32.html#1

Please name the sizes uniformly (e.g. only S, M, L ... and not S, M, L, 38, 40 ...)


How detailed should colors be specified?

If you have specified very detailed colors for the products, such as "sky blue", "dark blue" etc., it would be advantageous to pass an additional field in which the parent color is shown (in this case "blue").

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