To ensure the highest data quality and data timeliness, it is necessary to provide a product catalog (sometimes called product feed).. This catalog should be generated and made available at least once a day. Depending on which data from the catalog is used in the services, it may be necessary to make the catalog available several times a day. In general, the catalog file should be made available on an http or (s)ftp server and can be secured with a standard authentication if required.

Often Clients already have good product exports, in this case we would suggest being provided with access to the best feed that already exists.


epoq Services

Every epoq service you look at can only process the information it gets from the catalog. The functions depend directly on the attributes in the catalog. For this reason, please provide us with as many product attributes as possible for all services.

A complete feed only needs to be made available once and can then be used for all services at the same time.

Should it be necessary to limit the feed, you will find the minimum requirements below:

  • epoq Search
    Filters are limited to the fields that are available in the catalog. It is important that there are no spelling mistakes in filter names and that the filter values are filled in.
    Example: If the online shop visitor should have the possibility to filter his search result by color, then the attribute color must be available in the catalog and this attribute must be filled accordingly for each product. If an item does not have a color, it cannot be found by selecting a color filter.
  • epoq Advise
    For the steps of a product consultant, the corresponding attributes must be transmitted in the catalog.
    Example: If you want to ask the product consultant for which area of use you want the product, this information must be available in the catalog.
  • epoq Inspire
    With epoq Inspire, it is important that the attributes with which filters are created are available.
    Example: If you want to display a recommendation widget with cross-selling articles (products from other categories), the category attribute must be present and filled accordingly. Depending on how detailed you want to display the category filter, the categories or category levels should be broken down in great detail.
  • epoq MyStream
    It is important for epoq MyStream to provide the best possible feed. All the attributes used for the holistic personalisation should be available.
    Example: If personalisation is to be carried out based on the personal brand or preferred category, these attributes must be transferred.
  • epoq Connect
    Since the display of recommendations in the newsletter is controlled by epoq, it is essential that all the fields displayed are also available in the catalog. Here it is important that you provide us with image URLs that show the images in the appropriate size for the newsletter.
    Example: If you want to display cut prices, the original price and the reduced price must be available in the catalog.


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