Tracking Integration


The epoq services are based on the epoq knowledge base, the click and purchase behaviour of all visitors and customers in the online shop.

The integration of the services takes place in three phases:

  1. Installation of tracking (transfer of clicks, purchases, add to carts to epoq)
  2. Building the data base at epoq (learning phase)
  3. Playout of products according to relevance in relation to the knowledge base

Collecting the data

As the epoq services generate data based on the click and purchase behaviour of online shop visitors, the services require the complete session data of the visitors. It is very important here that known shop visitors (customers, identified visitors) can be tracked unambiguously.


Technical integration

Before the services are integrated into the online shop, a knowledge base must first be established. Our tracking in the form of a JavaScript file serves this purpose:


The epoq tracking file (flow file), which must be integrated on all pages, looks as follows:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

The TENANT-ID is assigned to you by epoq and serves to uniquely identify your online shop.


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